Ireland's famous drinks are an excellent reason to visit the green island. That's why every tourist goes hoping to try the favorite alcoholic beverages of this northern region. 

Ireland Drinks

Ireland is a famous place for the drinks the whole world knows about. It is here that a large number of tourists try to come to try the famous beer, whiskey and pub visits to try the renowned Ale.

Guinness - Ireland's national drink

We say "Ireland," and we mean Guinness! It is this dark beer with the status of "National Drink of Ireland" for more than 250 years. The famous Irish stout is made from barley, yeast, water, and hops, and the whole process takes only two days. The Guinness brand first saw the light of day in 1759 and became the official drink of St. Patrick'sPatrick's Day, the main holiday of the Irish around the world.

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A distinct roasted flavor characterizes the famous Irish Guinness beer, partly reminiscent of coffee, with a deep brown or black tar color and a pleasant creamy texture. This brand's most famous Irish beers are Guinness Draught, Extra Stout, and Foreign Extra Stout. The alcohol content is usually 4-4.5%.

In addition to Guinness, you can try and buy other popular brands in Ireland, including Murphy's, Porterhouse, O'Hara (Carlow), Beamish & Crawford, and Galway Bay.

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Red Ale

Red Ale, or as it is also called, Irish red beer, is a large part of the production of most Irish breweries. It is essentially an adaptation of the English bitter, but with fewer hops and a slight toastiness.


Irish lager, as opposed to dark beer, has a pale yellow color and is characterized by a slightly muted sweet, malt-grassy, or bread aroma. A slight bitterness describes it, and the taste is generally mild and quite light, with hidden honey tones. The alcohol content of the beer is usually 4.5-5%, but the characteristics depend a lot on the brand.


The Scots and the Irish have argued about who invented whiskey for centuries. The Emerald Isle is sure that St. Patrick blessed them to make the "water of life".

Whiskey in Ireland is an integral part of the national culture. It was created here in the 13th century, and the oldest Bushmill distillery is still one of the most famous in Europe.

The most popular whiskies

  • Jameson. First place in the ranking of Irish whiskey is the famous brand, founded in Dublin in 1780. Thanks to the triple distillation, the drink gets a perfectly balanced mild taste, which is valued by the fans of solid alcohol worldwide

  • Tullamore Dew. The history of this brand began back in 1829 - it was then that the eponymous distillery was founded in the Irish town of Tullamore. Today Tullamore Dew is exported to 80 countries around the world.
  • Bushmills. It is the oldest Irish whiskey brand, with more than 400 years of history. In recent years, the brand has been awarded about 20 prestigious world awards, including Gold Medals at The Irish Whisky Masters and the Wizards of Whisky Awards.

Cream Liqueur

Bailey's Irish Cream is a delightful whiskey-based cream liqueur with a light bouquet, cream, chocolate, and honey - one of the best-selling liqueurs in the world. Carolans Irish Cream and O'Grady's Country Cream are Irish cream liqueurs of the same class.


Whenever you go to Ireland, if you like tasting beverages, you have to test Irish National Drinks as mentioned in this article.